Finding optimal health requires us to take a deep dive into the story of your body’s cellular expression.

From the state of your microbiome (gut bacteria) to the profile of your bloodwork to the reality of your hormone levels—the only way to establish an effective healing plan is to understand the full picture of your health.

Once we understand where your body is deficient or challenged, we can take the proper steps to support its natural ability to find balance again. And that involves nutrition, stress-relief, habit-change, healing therapies, and more.

Proper referrals to the right practitioners.

Sometimes it takes a community to initiate healing. Having practiced in NYC for over 20 years, I pride myself on my network of healing providers I have gathered over the years. Think M.D. specialists to Reiki practitioners and everything in between.


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Dr. Dana is the Medical Director at Complete Wellness Center in New York City.

Complete Wellness offers a mix of medical treatment, natural remedies, physical therapy, as well as personal training to help clients achieve the best in every part of their lives. The staff focuses on providing patients with a comprehensive healthcare and integrative medicine solution for all of their needs.