As of May 1, 2021, Dr. Cohen is in her new permanent office located at 317 West 54th Street, Suite D. The phone number remains 212-787-1877.
Email: with any questions.

It’s time
to heal up

You’re not pre-destined for disease or discomfort.

In fact, you have the power to transform your health and heal UP. UP into your potential. UP into your power and vision. UP into what’s possible for your body and your life!



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For 20+ years, Dr. Dana Cohen has been at the forefront of integrative medicine.

Referred to as “New York City’s best kept secret,” Dr. Dana has been a trusted health advocate and advisor for thousands of patients across the United States. From hormonal imbalances and autoimmune conditions to cardiovascular disease and gut health, she is renowned for her commitment to finding the root of dysfunction in the body and providing holistic protocols that effectively restore balance and wellbeing.

Half modern day witch doctor, half your favorite bubbalah aunt, Dr. Dana truly puts the Fun in Functional medicine.



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Hydration: The #1 Ingredient to Cellular Health & Happiness

In their ground-breaking book, QUENCH, Dr. Dana Cohen & Gina Bria introduce us to the reality of dehydration and its shocking role in almost every chronic illness. Inside, you’ll find her recommended 5-day plan of key fruits, vegetables, and exercises to help you beat fatigue, drop weight, and heal your body through the new science of optimum hydration. Hydrating your body is truly step one in Healing UP!



Dana Cohen, MD author of Quench